Lindfield Learning Village



JAM and LLV Vocal Program

Vocal Ensemble:

Kim is excited to hear and work with all of the vocal villagers and get into some great singing!

Her goal is to spend Term 1, hearing LLV’s voices, understanding their goals and visions for singing at LLV which could possibly lead to some small vocal sessions during Term 1.

The vision is to have a Secondary Vocal Ensemble starting at the beginning of Term 2 (COVID restrictions pending).

Keep your eyes peeled on Sentral or our website news for notices regarding any singing activity.

PLEASE note – Kim won’t be holding auditions for ensembles when they begin. Every child will have an opportunity to be involved in singing one way or another. The only auditions that will ever happen will be for solo’s or small performance opportunities and every student will have an opportunity to try out for those when they arise.

  • TUITION: students will be able to have vocal lessons through JAM. Please see their website for more details. Lessons will be after school and start in term 2.

Any further enquiries please email

Or go to for JAM Music and LLV collaborations.