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Village Pedagogy

At LLV, our practice is collegial and collaborative. This means that teachers work in relationship with each other and the students with a team player attitude. We are flexible, creative, have a willingness to change and will always look for another/better way. We are teachers that are always learners and we will stay on top of global research and best practice. We are happy to fail spectacularly and learn from that. We have and expect our students to have a growth mindset.
Our pedagogy encourage and develop autonomous, independent investigation, supported with ‘masterclasses’ or ‘pop-up workshops’ as well as ‘flow’ where students engage in deep learning.
Our role as teachers is to scaffold and teach thinking and thinking processes and to introduce concepts, big ideas, help make connections and question deeply.  

It is a pedagogy of responsiveness. We will minimise teacher talk and worksheets, looking for better ways of capturing understanding and measuring growth. We will seek to design ways to measure what we value. Learning will be kinaesthetic, reflective, personal, driven by the students, and supported by excellent teachers. It will always have a clear purpose and will be well supported by rigorous feedback, check ins, formative assessments and observations. It will be fun, dynamic and celebrate failure. 

Our focus is on growing EQ, transdisciplinary connection and multidisciplinary projects and on developing the innate capacity of our students to own their learning.

Pedagogical Modes