Lindfield Learning Village

Kindergarten 2021


Getting ready for Big School 2021!

Kindy Orientation 2020 (for 2021 intake)

The LLV community are excited to invite Kindy 2021 to visit the village for two orientation sessions. Due to Covid-19, this year the orientation sessions will be student only and students will be visiting LLV in two groups. All sessions run from 9.15 am – 11 am and students need to bring morning tea, water bottle, and a hat. If students have asthma or anaphylaxis they need to have their puffer or Epipen in their bag.

Session 1:   The Kindy Teddy Bears Picnic (Bring your teddy bear!) 
Session 2:   A Day in the Life of Kindergarten.
See the flyer attached for further information.

How can I support my child in getting ready for Kindergarten?

Before starting ‘Big School’, Village Educators strongly recommended that Kindy families do the following before the start of school:

  • Read the Welcome to Kindergarten @ LLV information booklet as it contains important information about Best Start, what to wear and bring on the first day of school, frequently asked questions about the K-2 Hub and the procedure for the first week of school.

  • Get hearing and sight checked. 

Some preschools complete these health checks as part of their getting ready for school program. If this is the case for your child, there is no need to get this rechecked. This is an important health screener as hearing and sight are important when learning how to read and being able to identify the different sounds that letters make when learning the alphabet and learning how to spell. 

  • Complete a Speech Screener with a Speech Therapist. 

A speech screener helps detect any language barriers that could impede a student’s ability to communicate or learn how to read and/or write.

On the 29th of January, All Communication Matters (an external provider) will be running a speech screener clinic at LLV. Parents are welcome to access this service (or another external provider) by completing the attached form and sending it to All Communication Matters. 

  • Read lots of picture books together 

Spending time reading picture books to your child is not only special but it helps develop their vocabulary and starts to develop their understanding of how to read books. 

  • Play with lots of playdoh, practise cutting out pictures, play in the dirt, sand or water and do lots of puzzles!

These activities are not only fun but they also help develop fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, hand muscles and creativity!

  • Complete the countdown to school activity calendar .

Kindy Orientation Pack

Each family will receive a Kindy Orientation Pack at the first Orientation session containing a tub of playdoh and information about;

  • Transport 

  • Welcome to Kindergarten 2021

  • The Speech Screener 

  • Optional multiform 

  • Cubby house

Kindy 2021 Groups

Group 1

Session 1 – 11th of November The Kindy Teddy Bear Picnic

Session 2 – 18th of November A Day in the Life of Kindergarten

Group 2

Session 1 – 12th of November The Kindy Teddy Bear Picnic

Session 2 – 19th of November A Day in the Life of Kindergarten

Thank you Kirsten Ammann for your wonderful photos.