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Return to school for Term 4

Quick Glance: Dates to Note

  • 18 October:  Kindergarten, Years 1 & 12
  • 25 October: All other years

The following website outlines the most up-to-date information regarding the return to face-to-face learning for this term:…

School Travel Updates

Following a slow increase in services, from Monday 23 August, as directed by the NSW Government to revert to Saturday timetables  which are being used with a few additional services to limit over- crowding. At this time, we believe Transport will be operating in this capacity through to mid-October 2021.

The Transdev team have recently commenced planning for back-to-school 2022.

Please see the PDF provided by Robert Macy at Transdev for further information. 

LLV Hackathon Team working with Atlassian mentor.

The Culinary Creators are paving the way for all inspiring App. developers at LLV. Following the ANSTO Hackathon, then have been working on developing their app and playing with a web-based app creation tool called Thunkable.
For now, test their prototype here make sure it is in present mode.
In weeks 9-10 the team met with Atlassian Software Developer Iris Endoso to learn about the next stages in developing their app.
Here are some of their reflections:
Getting some insight from a professional app developer helped me see that making our own app will require us to learn more about text-based coding, but, if we use collaboration, resilience, and innovation, we can achieve our goal. Mia
Iris gave us an expert eye on our app and helped me see things more from the users perspective and how to make things more straightforward and simple. She made our next steps so much clearer. Zoe
Iris gave us valuable insight on the platforms we should launch sAPPling on. For example, she commented that IOS or Apple would be easier than Play Store. Jess
Our session with Iris showed me that for an app to be successful you need to make it concise and easy to understand. It is important to think about your users. Michaela
Their next steps are to design the app on Thunkable and develop databases so that the information the app will use can be easily updated by the creators. We look forward to supporting any other students interested in app development down this pathway.

Get on your bike, Jessica!

Jessica in year 10 at LLV, will be bike riding 200 km in lockdown. She is asking you to donate what you can to help her help these sick kids, who are having a really bad time with lock down and treatment. She will be trying to raise $500 which will help 12 Kids directly.
Jessica says “This is important to me because whilst in lockdown you start to feel alone and some sick kids in the hospital feel the same way but have been experiencing this for so long and doing this bike riding challenge is a fun way to get out and help these kids.”

Have you ever heard of the @StarlightChildrenFoundation?
“The foundation helps make very sick kids in the hospital feel happy and encourage them with their treatment they also do lots of fun things with the kids, all costs money and this is where we come in. Every September, Starlight runs Tour de Kids, you are probably thinking, it’s like the Tour de France, and you would be right! Tour de Kids is kinda like that but you race against yourself. You set a goal and try and achieve it over the month to try and get sponsors to raise money for the starlight foundation.”

Donate now:

ANTSO Hackathon

Great news from the ANTSO Hackathon, the LLV team is in the top 4!

Just 2 weeks ago, seven year-six students gathered together online for the 2021 ANSTO Science Week Hackathon. In week 1,  they researched all the exciting ways the agricultural industry is changing. In  week2 , the real Hackathon began.  Our team selected the theme of  Food Waste. Working through the Design Thinking process to identify our user and problem statement,  they ideated, prototyped and tested their solution. Helped along the way by our Design Thinking mentor, Linus Tan, and our STEM mentors, Amy MacIntosh and Dr Rachana Pathak, and our Innovation mentor Katrina Van den Ven. The team also learnt from plant scientist Dr Maddie Mitchell and V2 representative Laurence Presland. 

The team were excited to hear that their hard-work, adaptability, collaboration and resilience had paid off, when it was announced on Thursday that they were finalists in the Junior Division (Years 7-9). They are excited to hear feedback from the expert panel today, which will inform their plans to continue the app’s development in Week 8 and 9.

Click on the image above for reflections on the Hackathon from our team, Faith, Ash, Zoe, Hannah, Jess, Mia and  Michaela.

Book Week Author Visit:
Will Kostakis

Will Kostakis – Author is a writer of all things, from celebrity news stories that score cease and desist letters, to tweets for professional wrestlers. That said, he’s best known for his award-winning YA novels.
His first novel, Loathing Lola, was released when he was just nineteen. His second, The First Third, won the 2014 Gold Inky Award. It was also shortlisted for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year and Australian Prime Minister’s Literary Awards, among others. The Sidekicks was his third novel for young adults and his American debut. It went on to win the IBBY Australia Ena Noel Award. Most recently, Will has applied his trademark style to the fantasy genre, with Monuments and its sequel, Rebel Gods.
Find out more here:
Will has set up links if you would like to purchase his books before you hear him speak. The Sidekicks and The First Third are for older readers. Do some research to find the book for you.
All of these books are signed by Will and include postage see School News page for links to shop:
2x fantasy novels MONUMENTS and REBEL GODS (RRP $40)
Will is very keen for the session to be interactive:
Please contribute a question you would like to ask him (about his books, being a writer, reading, etc.) and you will have the opportunity to ask him during the session. Log your questions here.

LLV students wow guests with their projects as they host a booth at Science in the House

Play Video

This week LLV stage 4 & 5 students, supported by their teachers headed into virtual space and a VR conference for Science in the House, instead of a trip to Government House, thanks to lockdown. The Science Teachers Association of NSW invited politicians, innovators, professors, researchers, schools, museums, State and Federal Chief Scientists to launch Science week, and our students got to present their projects and findings, as well as talk to their findings when guests met them in the chat space.

Thanks to Melanie Tan and her team for pulling the students work together, and a big shout out to Georgia, Luka, Lucy, Maya, Nina, Sienna and Siwa for pivoting their presentations and being engaging hosts of the LLV booth, inspiring their guests with their ideas, and also excitedly providing real life examples of the way the LLV supports life long learning, inquisitive minds and the power of collaboration.

It has been a fascinating week of online learning, especially during pod time. Our 3-6 Hub students have been engaging with cutting edge sustainability technologies and evocative sustainable art. They have asked critical
questions about the differences these could make and whether solutions made economic and social sense, not just environmental sense. They turned the spotlight on themselves to understand how the actions that they take
and the products that they use can impact the environment and started to create personal sustainability plans with the aim of changing some of these impacts.

This week, we celebrate Education Week as Lifelong Learners. 

Thanks to all of you who are demonstrating your passion for continuing to be Lifelong Learners!

SO impressive!

It has been so wonderful for the 3-6 Hub Learning Guides to have the opportunity to
hear from our students, as they led their Student Led Conferences this week. .

We wanted to share some snapshots of students thriving in our online learning adventure this week. We have collated photos, excerpts and reflections students have shared in their learning journals based
on the learning experiences they have engaged with this week.

LLV present their Stage 4 & 5 Science Projects to Ministers and Chief Scientists for Science Week in a virtual conference centre.

2021 is the 70th Anniversary of the Science Teachers Association for NSW. During National Science Week (August 17-21) celebrations were planned to recognise the scientific and educational advancements that have taken place across the last 70 years with an event series called 7 Decades in 7 Days. With 7 live events unable to go ahead under lockdown restrictions, STA has taken it in their stride, and like all great scientists, taken a leap into the unknown, or in this case, into innovative technology, virtual reality! 

Harnessing the virtual space to host a 7 day conference to bring not only their 3000 science educators together but politicians, innovators, professors, researchers, schools, museums, State and Federal Chief Scientists, Chief Scientist from Australian Museum, LLV stage 4 & 5 students and Dr Karl under one digital roof. 

Not only can everyone join us for a seven day celebration for all lovers of science, but thanks to the incredible generosity of Inspiring Australia, you can now join any of the events for free.

Behind all scientists that drive innovation and progress for a better world are the science teachers, who believe in inspiring their students, who support them to reach further and higher and remain curious about the world in which we live, and this year we are sharing the inspiration in partnership with some of Australia’s significant cultural institutions, the Australian MuseumTaronga Zoo, The Garvan Institute, Tribal Warrior, the Powerhouse Museum, and the Australian Fossil and Mineral Museum. Showcasing the advances in science and education, events will include exhibitions and forums on women trailblazers, panel discussions on the advances in medical sciences and environmental education, talks that encourage critical thinking about pioneering science and exploring the diverse environment within which we live. 

Science in the House!  10.8.21  with special guest Lindfield Learning village stage 4 & 5

Showcasing Science Education and public discourse, we celebrate science education initiatives with policymakers. Invited by the Minister for Education and the Shadow Minister for Education, Members of the NSW Parliament will come together on the cusp of National Science Week to explore and acknowledge the great work being done by science teachers and educators in this state. 

Challenge from Chantal!

Here is a treat – someone with real talent!! Chantal has taken on the TikTok challenge and is showing us that she is clever enough to do all three parts herself!!! 

Awesome job Chantal!!

Steph, Lou and Mark

Book Week is coming to LLV in Week 7!

Local enrollment for 2022
now open

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 12.09.26 pm

We are now opening our enrollments for 2022, and if you are a LOCAL family who has not yet completed our online enquiry form please do so.”

If you are not sure whether you are within the LLV catchment area for 2022, simply type your residential address into the Schoolfinder link;  

To complete our online enquiry form – Click Here or find it on our school website

The sum of Lockdown
by Libby T (Year 6)

Poem Lockdown

Moxie heads to the next round of DOE Game Changer

We have just had the DoE GameChanger heats announced and one of our primary teams has made it through to the Regional heats.  

There were over 400 submissions and only 12 were selected from the regionThe competition really connects with the way we are structuring learning at LLV – empowering students to see themselves as change makers in their world.

 Here’s the pitch for their project and we wish them luck in the next round!  

LEAD THE WAY By MOXIE: Celeste, Frankie, Milly, Michaela, & Shylah

In 2020 disaster struck. A pandemic was created and no one could leave their home. In a time of loneliness and stress humans turned to their once and always best friends. DOGS! Your pets have helped you through so much and now it’s your turn to give back. But not just to your pets but also to the environment! Your pets are like family to you so we are turning disposable masks into pet harnesses and leads. This will benefit both the planet and your beautiful pets.

During the pandemic millions of people throw disposable masks away every day. Did you know that 3 billion disposable masks are thrown away every minute? This reckless littering is destroying our planet! All this damage on our planet will be irreversible in the next 11 years. Do you want to be swimming in trash? Out of all the 6.3 billion tons of plastic that is created only nine percent is recycled and 12 percent incinerated. Think of the amazing things we could make with the remaining 5 billion tons! Our planet has a problem and we need to fix it.

At our school the majority has pets, so we would like to accommodate as many as possible. We have designed harnesses and leads made out of single use masks because we care for your pets and we care for the planet’s future. Single use masks are quite thin to allow you to breath so we will have to compress a few together to make a nice sturdy lead or harness. Masks are made from polyester which is what a lot of clothes are made from so we believe we can make clothes for dogs too. We will use the elastic to make it stretchy and so on. We believe that this will change the world and look after your four-legged friends.

 You can watch their video pitch by clicking on the dog below!

Warm Blanket Collection

A message from Keren Francis:
A huge thank you to the Lindfield Learning Village community for the wonderful response to our Warm Blanket collection.
2 cars were fully packed as they delivered these contributions to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown.
There were probably well over 50 blankets contributed and these are now making some wonderful brave people much more comfortable.

Designing engaging gardens with a little help from the Men's Shed.

The Australian Men’s Shed Association was established in 2007. It was founded on the principle of sharing information between sheds and those communities, and this week Neville and Malcolm have stepped into the LLV years 3-6 pods to work collaboratively with the children, as they explore creative ideas with  Garden furniture and play landscapes, while also harnessing skills such as measurement, estimation, modelling, scaling, circumferences and ratio. 

Neville from the Men’s Shed is no stranger to the LLV building and the Department of Education. His wife worked here when it was UTS and he has  a long history working both as a teacher and  on the management side of new schools and policy development  before his retirement. 

Our pedagogy at LLV is to encourage and develop autonomous, independent investigation, this ‘pop-up workshop’ allowed where students to engage in deep learning, while also building practical skills creatively.  Here’s a sneak preview of their work at the beginning of the week.  We can’t wait to see their outcomes later in the week. 

Stage 5 Food Tech visit Marigolds

Last week on July 17th, both  Stage 5 Food Technology classes visited the renowned Marigold restaurant in the city to experience the clatter of trolleys, the clacking of chopsticks and the merry sound of families sucking on chicken’s feet that is Yum Cha.  Teresa and Belinda accompanied them and a great time was had by all. 

LLV Theatre Sports Team

Congratulations to the LLV Theatre Sports team: Lucy F, Hannah S, Amelie O, Phoebe B & Ellie S​ on the Grand Finals for the Theatre Sports Schools Challenge at the Enmore Theatre last weekend.
The only public school in the finals, our all-female team, aimed and fired their best improv to take out second place. No mean feat, but collaborative learning and the first rule of Improv, “Just say yes!” meant they were an impressive force to be reckoned with.
Thanks to the parents and staff who came along to support the team.

K-2 Hub - Exploring!

This term K-2 Hub has been exploring what it takes to make and build. So far, we have looked at what it takes to make and build in science, music, art, cooking and now architecture.
In class, students have been observing LLV and understanding its rich history and how the building has evolved. Students have also been exploring how to physically create a variety of structures out of different materials such as KAPLA, Lego, Soft building blocks, Cardboard and Paper.
With all this in mind, today the K-2 Hub headed into the city to learn about the diverse history of architecture. Exploring the NSW Art Gallery, St Mary’s Cathedral and Botanical Gardens to see the Opera House and finally stop at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Students had the opportunity to stop, notice/observe and draw the diverse range of architectural sites. Drawing anything that looks interesting, unique or special to them and thinking about why it was designed this way.
Throughout the excursion, teachers encouraged students to notice any similarities between architectural designs and any difference. The kids had a ball!

Our Girls are through to the Finals

Theatresports Schools Challenge Semi-Final 2/6/2021

2021 'Hollywood' Athletics Carnival

A fabulous day was had by all. 
For more photos pop over to our gallery. Enjoy.

Dear Village families,

I am so proud to share this student initiated online newspaper with you. The students approached me with this idea earlier in the year. They have planned their newspaper, taken on specific roles and thought about what they wanted to share with you – their audience.  I am sure they would love your feedback and I would be happy to pass it on.

Stephanie McConnell

When Kindy visits Stage 6 Visual Art students

ROAR FEST21 Huge success

For more photos pop over to our Gallery

Videos coming – stayed tuned

Space Challenge - Years 3 - 6

Donate a Blanket week at LLV!

The Covid-19 pandemic has made it harder for people seeking asylum and with winter almost upon us, we have been notified that the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown is in need of blankets for its clientele.  Having a warm bed to lie on at night can mean a lot for people seeking asylum, especially those experiencing homelessness.
If you have any blankets you would like to contribute, please send them with your child to LLV any day next week. There will be a box in the foyer for you or your child to leave them. We will make sure that all the blankets collected by the LLV community will be delivered to the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown.

Thirdspace Thursday is here

Today was our first Thirdspace Thursday – live music, books, lego art and mindful practice.

Stage 4 - Felting

Stage 4 have been looking into how artists can be inspired by the ocean. Students studying Technology Mandatory this term have been creating needle felted animals correlating to their ocean inspiration. Students have learnt the art of needle-felting and have chosen two water-associated animals to create. 

Kindy cooking up a storm with Teresa


 LLV students are the Regional Shakespeare Festival winners. 
They are now through to the State competition. Go LLV.

Analogue SLR film cameras and photography equipment.

One of the many exciting aspects of our school is that we have a Photography Darkroom. Photography may be overwhelmingly digital these days, but film is making a comeback.

Our Photography & Digital Media students are very excited to get started using film cameras and processing in the dark room, and our Art Department is working hard to kit out the facility so that we can incorporate darkroom skills into our mandatory courses..

As they’re not widely used anymore, film (analogue) SLR cameras can be hard to find. If you have any SLR film cameras that you are no longer using, even if it is in need of repair, please consider donating it to the school, we can refurbish it and give it a new life.

We also welcome donations of photography related equipment including DSLR Cameras, mirrorless, film and point and shoot cameras, lenses, and auxiliary equipment such as tripods and other darkroom equipment. Please contact us if you need additional information about what kind of equipment we accept.

There will be a Photography donation box located in the school’s public reception office at level 5.

Thank you for your support!

Uni students go back to school for inspiration.

Lindfield Learning Village students have helped up-and-coming architects re-imagine the design of future education, writes Pascal Adolphe.

11 May 2021

 Lindfield Learning Village welcomed a visit from our local Police School Liaison Officer, Darren Cairns, Youth Liaison Officer Jodie Young and Chief Inspector Warren Hamilton. The visit celebrated our ongoing relationship with local Police and launched the school’s involvement in the weekly “Fit for Life” program. The Police officers cheered on our students running their Cross Country event today and celebrated with the winners at the finish line.

We continue to work closely with the Police to support student learning at Lindfield Learning Village.

Term 2 Day 2
New spaces, new places, learning everywhere.