Lindfield Learning Village

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What does literacy learning look like in K-2? Week 4.

Read all about it in the below document. Enjoy.

Skill, Will, Thrill...what literacy looks like in the 3-6 Hub Week 4

Download the below document to find out what has been happening!

2021 - Welcome to K-2 Hub

Get ready to share in our adventures for K-2 in 2021!

2021 - Welcome to 3-6 Hub

We have enjoyed spending the week getting to know our 3-6 Villagers in our phenomenal new learning spaces. As the term unfolds, we look forward to building these relationships and shaping our learning space together. This year the 3-6 Learning Guide Team has doubled. To learn more about our team, read a little bit about us.

Kiss & Collect Update

"Welcome back! As you are already aware, Kiss & Collect has never been intended to service a large amount of traffic. If you have absolutely no alternative but to use it to collect your child in the afternoon, we ask that: Parents of K - 2 children only, arrive as close as possible to 3.00 pm. ALL other parents should aim to arrive at 3.10 pm. PARENTS should stay in your cars at all times and students should be able to enter and exit the car on the left hand side. If you have booster seats please make sure they do not prevent your child from entering the car via the left side doors. Please also avoid having to access the boot. If everyone adheres to this request we should be able to keep everybody safe.​"

Dance @ LLV Update

2021 is going to be an exciting year for Dance @ LLV! This year we are growing our dance program to ensure we cater for all students who love to dance. We are running two programs - The LLV Dance Enhance Program (K-11) and the LLV Competitive Jewel Show Troupes through the external provider REDed.

2021 - Welcome to K-2 Hub

Get ready to share in our adventures for K-2 in 2021!

Thank you.

On behalf of LLV, K-2 Hub would like to thank all of our LLV family for an amazing 2020. Enjoy.

It's a Wrap! One student's take on 2020.

Thanks so much to Lucinda in Stage 3 for her epic summary of 2020.