Lindfield Learning Village

Return to School details 19.10.21

Return to School: New Drop-offs, Canteen and more...

Dear Village families,

We were very excited to welcome our Kindy and Year 1 students back this morning. Thank you to the K-1 parents for helping us to make everything run smoothly. As always, we will make necessary adjustments as we roll out the planned entry access points once all students return next week.

Please see the attached information from the Department of Education outlining the level 3 Plus guidelines. In returning to face-to-face, we are moving from level 4 to level 3 plus restrictions.

This is just a reminder of the entry and exit paths so that we can be prepared for the return of all students from NEXT week (25th October). Please see the attached aerial photo of the new Kiss and Ride zone accessed via Gate 5.

K-2 via lower COLA – Kiss and Ride, follow the road down to the gate 5 entry and drop at the lower COLA drop off area. Those walking to school, please walk your child all the way down to the bottom entry pedestrian gate. Parents are still not allowed onto the school site.

3-6 Hub via lower COLA – Kiss and Ride follow the road down to the gate 5 entry and drop at the lower COLA drop off area. Those walking to school can enter via the front playground. This is a change to previous information and is intended to alleviate pedestrian traffic congestion. 3-6 students who are walking to school will enter through the front playground and make their way down to the lower playground through the internal stairs. This internal route will be clearly marked.

Stage 4 and 5 – (Years 7 – 10)

There will be NO Kiss and Ride for Secondary students onsite. This is a change to previous communication. The reason for this is the 565 bus service is now using the onsite bus loop but the safety fences have not yet been installed so there will be no bus drop off or pick up onsite. Students will continue to use the Eton Rd bus stop in the morning and afternoon.

If you are planning to drive your secondary student to school, please drop and pick up your child at Shout Ridge Rd or further along Eton Rd. They can then walk into school.

Stage 4 and 5 students will walk down the external path to the Level 4 entry. Stage 6 students will enter through the front gates. Start time is 8.50 am.

Year 7 – 10 students who walk to school will also need to walk down through the top car park to enter on Level 4.

Stage 6 -Years 11/12

Please do not use Kiss and Ride. Drop you senior students somewhere nearby so that they can enter via front gates. If they travel by bus they should also enter via front gates. There is no student parking onsite.

Year 12 need to ensure that they follow the timetable published on CANVAS to determine whether their class is onsite or online. MOST classes are still currently online. Practice exams will happen onsite at designated times. We are aware that the media is communicating a different message to this. We are following a very deliberate plan which we believe will best support our students.

Exit Points:

All K – 2 students will exit via the lower COLA. The walking collection point it the same as drop off. Parents will be held near the pedestrian gate and students will be brought to you. Pick up time is 3pm if you ONLY have students in K – 2. If you are collecting students from both hubs and/or High School please do not arrive until 3.10pm at the earliest.

All 3 – 6 students being collected by car will exit via the lower COLA at 3.10pm. All walkers or bus students will walk up through the building and exit through front gates.

7 – 10

Please do not use Kiss and Ride. Arrange to meet your child on Shout Ridge or further along Eton Rd so that they can exit via level 4 gates. If they travel by bus they will also leave via the level 4 gates.

Bus and walkers will exit through Level 4.

Year 11/12

Please do not use Kiss and Ride. Arrange to meet your senior students somewhere nearby so that they can exit via front gates. If they travel by bus they should also leave via front gates.

Staff and Traffic controllers are onsite to help you find your way.



The Bitter Pea is NOT open to students. This includes Year 11 and 12. You may order using Munch Monitors and these orders will be delivered to the students at Recess and Lunch.

Drink Bottles

Bubblers are not accessible, therefore it is important that every child brings their own drink bottle.

Food sharing

Food sharing is not allowed.

Hand washing

We will encourage frequent handwashing, especially before and after breaks. Sanitiser is available across the campus.

Mask wearing

The current requirements mean that ALL staff and High School students without a medical exemption MUST wear a mask indoors. Primary students are also strongly encouraged to wear a mask. We will update this policy as instructed by the DoE who are working very closely with NSW health. Restrictions have been eased from this week and masks are no longer required outdoors. We will let you know if these requirements change.

Cohorting measures are in place to minimise contact and to make contact tracing easier should there be a positive case within the school.

Special note for all secondary students: Next Monday we will start the day with ‘Beyond’ so that students can have time with their Learning Guide upon return. This means that we will swap session 1 and 3 on Monday. All secondary students (including Year 11 and 12) will do their session 3 class in session 1 and session 1 class in session 3.

Thanks for reading to the end!


Stephanie McConnell