Lindfield Learning Village






The Educational model for Lindfield Learning Village is designed to create independent, resilient learners who possess the learning dispositions required for success in their life within and beyond school. Lindfield Learning Village is a comprehensive, co-educational school catering for students of all ability levels.

We are choosing to offer a model of education, which is different to the traditional school environment which has existed throughout the 20th Century. This can be more challenging for parents than for their children so it is important to consider whether you are open to learning and to be able to articulate your reasons for choosing this type of education for your child.

We value collaboration and effective communication as key attributes for learning. We seek to foster creativity and critical reflection in students to empower them as problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers.

We value achievement but we also embrace failure. We encourage risk-taking in learning for all members of the school community.

We teach the whole child and believe that wellbeing and a sense of belonging to school are critical, not only to academic success, but to a child’s emotional and psychological health.

We assess rigorously but meaningfully and will engage in constant self-evaluation both as individuals and as a school. We see external testing measures as one part of a much larger process of evaluating an individual student’s learning journey. We believe in assessing what we value rather than valuing what we assess. This implies a new approach to assessing learning which is more aligned with a future-focused model of education. Our University partners will support us in this process.

We have design-centred, multidisciplinary approach to learning across a range of learning modes enabling students to have choice in their learning.