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Professional Learning at LLV

Our menu of opportunities....

At Lindfield Learning Village we value the opportunity to collaborate and share with other learners.

We invite you to choose the menu items which best suit your needs so that we can create a valuable learning experience for you and your team.

Our pricing enables us to cover costs involved in providing the right people to share the learning from our journey with you.

Please contact us for more information or to discuss bespoke options.

Stephanie McConnell

Lou Deibe




Walk and Talk

A student-led tour through our learning spaces. Hear our story from the student’s perspective.

– Maximum number: No limit on numbers

– Duration: One hour

– Cost: $20 per person


Learning Modules

Looking for something specific? Choose the learning module that suits your needs from the six options below.

– Maximum number: 5

– Duration 2.5 hours

– Cost per module: $1000


Catering is included in our main course options. 

If you would like to add catering to an appetiser or entree through our onsite cafe: Cost: $30 a head for barista coffee, morning tea and lunch


Looking for a bit of everything? Mix and match the module options OR choose your own!

Choose a half or full day bespoke course where we co-design the learning for your specific context.

Minimum cost: $2000 for up to 6 people (4 hours)

Duration: 4 hours (Half day) or 6 hours (full day)

Cost includes: catering (barista coffee, morning tea and lunch) ‘Walk and Talk’ tour of the learning spaces


Large group bespoke packages with cream and a cherry on top!

For groups of 10 or more Contact us for more details and a quote.

Learning Module Options

Option 1: Immersion

Our immersion experience begins with a Walk and Talk Tour followed by a deep immersion in a learning space. Observe – be curious – ask your hairy audacious questions. Your experience concludes with a coffee and debrief with the educators.

Option 2: Timetable and Logistics

In this option, we share our insights into how to flex the inflexible! Timetable, curriculum and all things NESA.

Option 3:Human Centred Design

How might you design learning with the individual at the centre? Learn about new ways to approach professional learning in your school and how we ensure wellbeing is at the heart through collaborative and proactive solutions.

Option 4: Teaching what matters

We will introduce you to our Learning Characteristics Wheel and rubrics, the student learning journey and ‘Beyond’. These are things that go beyond the curriculum but cover the learning that really matters.

Option 5: The Technology Trifecta

This module explores the technology behind the learning – CANVAS, Octopus and Sentral. We will look at how learning design meets authentic assessment and live and continuous reporting.

Option 6: Collaborative pedagogy and practice

Gain insight into transdisciplinary learning design, pedagogical modes, collaborative practice and co-teaching in flexible learning spaces. This module hits the detail of the “how” when it comes to future focused learning. 

Sample Bespoke Program:

9.15am      Meet students in the cafe for their perspective on LLV

9.30am     Empathy Activator. Who are you designing for? How do you really know your young people? 

9.45am      Why would students want to learn?

Exploring Relationship, learning design and Voice & Choice. 

10.30am     What does learning and teaching look like here? 

Visit Diaz M &D in Motown. How do we make it happen?

11.50am       Walking tour -focus on BEYOND classes

Walk and Talk: Lesson observation of team teaching setting. 

12.30pm      Gallery Gathering.

What did you notice?

What surprised you? 

What are you  curious about? 

12.45pm      How do we really hear students voices? 

1.15pm         Lunch with friends in Stage 5.

Invite a panel of experts for Q & A.

1.50pm        What  we are reading? 

Myths and Legends

Seeds from the pilgrimage

What really matters. 

2.15pm Reflection

Write  your  future self

What’s the one thing you can change tomorrow?